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The year 2223…the world is split between numerous factions, each fighting fiercely to attract followers and achieve global supremacy. Technology can provide humans with what they need for survival, but it cannot reveal the purpose of their lives. The influence of mainstream religions and ideologies is wearing thinner with each passing day. Power is shared by thousands of sects and organizations, each claiming to be in possession of the fundamental truth. In this chaotic world, a woman is born to threaten the coherence of creation itself. Her aura causes every living entity with its range to self-annihilate. Her name is Black Pigeon, because just as the white dove is a symbol of peace, so does a black one announce the end…

A handful of people are looking for salvation and a solution to the mystery of the Black Pigeon. The conclusion of the novel is in their hands; the future has countless paths and possible outcomes and the only certainty is that nothing is certain. Will they succeed in stopping the end of the world? Will they condemn the world to dissolution and annihilation, proving themselves equally worthy as their predecessors?

In the present world, seven people were selected to guide their characters in 2223, towards a positive outcome. It is only a novel for now. But who is to say whether it is not training for a possible future awaiting us?