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In the year 2223, a small group of friends who are part of an obscure organization known as The Protectors of Igfon, dare to unveil the secret behind the Black Pigeon.  After many lives of struggle and trials, guided by unknown forces from the other side, The Dragon, Cetis, Espo, Dora, Daleun, Ven and Inna are now prepared for their final quest.The story revolves around them and around the adventures they go through in an attempt to solve seemingly impossible mysteries. One of these mysteries is The Black Pigeon, a woman possessing special paranormal abilities and whose aura awakens in those around her a sharp feeling of guilt and remorse, reminding them of their own sins and mistakes. The most serious effect is manifested in those who spend too much time around her, as they risk going insane or committing suicide. The small group, the generic party if you will, tries to uncover why such an entity is present on Earth and how they could go about stopping the negative effects she has to those around her.

Now, in the present world, seven people were selected to guide their characters in 2223, towards a positive outcome. It is only a novel for now. But who is to say whether it is not a training for a possible future awaiting us?