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The Black Pigeon interactivity

I start here a series of posts related to my novel The Black Pigeon. Partially explanatory for those who contributed to the crowdfunding campaign, partially as hints for the things that are happening behind the scene, in the interactive part of the novel.

Speaking of the interactive part, this first post is right about the interactive part of the novel.

What is the interactive part of The Black Pigeon?

First, there are many kind of interactive novels. Ones that offer the reader different plot lines from which to choose, others that offer almost a game experience like, on a text base environment. The Black Pigeon interactive experience is none of that, because the usual reader will have in his hands a conventional novel. The interactive part unfolds behind the scene and regards the driven characters and the people behind them. Currently there are seven driven characters with three more available for purchase in the crowdfunding campaign page.

For those driven characters the novel feels like an adventure game. They each have for their characters a description with their background and their usual environment, in which their characters starts there novel world life. From that point, they have a separate plot line that may or may not interact with the main plot line. The content of this individual plot line it is not necessary to appear in the final novel version. In fact, most of it will remain hidden from public eyes, at least until I will make it public in some form or another.

Where comes the interactive part for the driven characters?

The individual plot line has several essential nodes, with different paths, for the character master to choose from. He could choose one of them, or he can create himself a different one. Also, all the thoughts and dialogues that his character has in the novel, he could modify at his will and in line with his character. This makes his character path more unique and in the same time, more challenging for the author to integrate in the general novel plot line.

The novel is written progressively as each of the driven character chooses his path when an essential node appears. In the same time, the author has to choose which part of the individual plot line is relevant for the novel, in order to be integrated in the general landscape.

This type of driven character, feedback and interaction, give the novel  a more consistent character models and in the same time, a more spontaneous main plot line, because the author doesn’t control it at 100%.

In the first chapter, that is already finished, I was surprised sometime by the choices that the character masters choose and if the interaction part of the novel didn’t exist, I would have chosen a different path for them. That makes me fell that this type of system is a viable one and could produce interesting and unexpected results for the novel.

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